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FEATURES100% Homogeneous PVC Tile Construction, No plasticizers which release VOC, Superb durability and wear resistance, Does not shrink, Excellent for very heavy traffic areas, Waterproof and non-porous, Maintains original color and appearance through time, Scratch and stain resistant, Impact tolerant, Dimensionally stable, Easy installation and maintenance

APPLICATIONS Offices, Corridors, Lobbies, Banks, Department stores, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Schools, Other heavy traffic areas

2mm (T) X 300 mm (L) X 300 mm (W); 55 pcs/box
3mm (T) X 300 mm (L) X 300 mm (W); 37 pcs/box
3mm (T) X 450 mm (L) X 450 mm (W); 16 pcs/box


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*Note: colors may vary from actual tile.