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Construction Notes


Before installation of film, check substrate and substrate surface condition.

  • The use of Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF) must have uniform density for all installed boards to ensure proper adhesion strength and stability of substrate.
  • The following are surface characteristics to take note:
    • - Painted surfaces - surface must be free from stains, peeling and damaged. Surface must be repaired prior to film installation.
    • - General surfaces - if substrate is rough and uneven, it must be applied with putty and sanded with sandpaper until even and smooth surface is achieved. Clean from dust and dirt.
  • It is highly recommended to conduct pre-installation inspections of product, substrate, substrate condition, room temperature, site conditions, and exposure to heat, moisture or open flame.
  • During cooler or rainy season, ensure residual moisture is not present prior to installation.
  • Room temperatures must be between 15-25°C during installation process.
  • Please note that if interior film is stored over the winter season, inspect product for surface cracks and test adhesion prior to installation.
  • Ensure substrate is oil or wax free since it will result to poor adhesion.



The use of primer is necessary for strong film adhesion, stability and durability. It is recommended to use "OK Primer" by Hanwha L&C for best performance and reliability.

  • For MDF or any wood products, primer absorption is very high. It is therefore recommended to re-apply at least 2-3 times with drying period of at least 2 hours at each coat.
  • After primer has been completely applied over the surface, film is ready to be installed.
    * Store Hanwha OK Primer in a cool, dry place.



  • Before installation, check the interior film's LOT Number found on the box. Ensure that each designs or patterns of the same code have the same LOT Numbers to prevent color differences.
  • During the overlapping joint process, re-application of the primer on joints is recommended for stronger adhesion between joints. Press the entire panel again with particular attention to the joints and edges with applicator or squeegee.



  • AR(Z) Leather type - re-application of primer and application of more pressure to joints and edges is required due to the embossing detail feature of these patterns.
  • JS/JSB/JAS/JSP - due to the special textured surfaces of these collections, careful handling and storage is necessary. During the bending installation process, slow and careful p rocess is needed to prevent breaking and splitting of film surface.
  • HD/HS High Gloss - due to the hardness of the glossy film surface, primer re-applic ation and increased pressure must be applied on the edges to prevent from lifting.



  • Interior Film product is for INTERIOR USE only. Avoid contact with moisture, direct sunlight, open flame, and dust .
  • Discoloration may occur upon exposure to direct sunlight or heat.
  • Please refrain from excessive skin friction of the product.