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Coin/Stair Thread

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FEATURES 100% Homogenous tile structure, Low VOC emission – environment friendly, Halogen free – non-toxic flooring, Non-slip flooring solution, Excellent wear resistance, Excellent walking surface and sound absorption, Wide variety of colors and patterned designs

APPLICATIONS Airport, Schools, Hospital ramps, Industrial facilities and plants

3mm (T) X 500 mm (L) X 500 mm (W)
4mm (T) X 500 mm (L) X 500 mm (W)

rubbertile-specs coin

Stair Thread
3mm (T) X 1230 mm (L) X 480 mm (W)
3mm (T) X 1530 mm (L) X 480 mm (W)
5mm (T) X 1230 mm (L) X 480 mm (W)
5mm (T) X 1530 mm (L) X 480 mm (W)
5mm (T) X 1830 mm (L) X 480 mm (W)

rubbertile-specs stairthread

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*Note: colors may vary from actual tile.